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Heavy pollution weather warnings are unified based on the daily average value of AQI (air quality index), calculated according to the average value of continuous 24 hours (can span natural days), and the daily average value of AQI>200 continuous days is the basic condition for the activation of each level of warning.

Notice of painting delay

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Since heavy pollution weather often appears in winter, according to the regulation of “Henan Province’s Emergency Plan of Heavy Pollution Weather” since November 15, 2020 to March 15, 2021, all equipment painting procedure is limit and delayed. When you inspect the equipment, all equipment are not painted. The painting job will be done within 5 days before loading equipment on trucks. Thanks for you understand.

Solution of 5 to 300 ton biodiesel production factory

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The whole process consists of 5 units: pretreatment unit, neutralization unit, trans-esterification unit, methanol recycling unit and biodiesel refining unit. Meanwhile, our process has 3 insightful advantages. Suitable for more kinds of raw material oil, like high acid oil, soybean oil, jatropha oil, palm oil, rapeseed oil, canola oil, used cooking oil, frying oils, animal fats…

How to replace graphite packing of Henan Barui pyrolysis machine

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Graphite packing is common sealing materials to the pyrolysis machine. The graphite packing is used at 2 positions: one position is the door of the pyrolysis reactor; the other position is the dynamic and static sealing part between the pyrolysis reactor and oil gas separator. The graphite packing need be added or replaced about 3 or 4 times per month. In this article, we use the following pictures and video link to show you how to replace graphite packing.

Waste Acrylic PMMA Recycling Machine and MMA Monomer Refining Process

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This machine technology is developed by Henan Barui TM Company, according to PMMA depolymerization reaction and MMA monomer extraction technology. We continuously improve the reacting condition and efficiency, avoid to use catalyst for the depolymerization reaction. Under the precise control, it can avoid vice-reaction affect the PMMA recycling result. Besides, the MMA monomer extraction unit adopts multi-stage separation process, which realizes the precise control of MMA quality.