Petroleum refinery tanks depot engineering construction

fuel oil storage tank 1
  • Volumes: see drawings
  • Design pressure: common
  • Test pressure: 2157 pa
  • Design temperature: see drawings
  • Corrosion allowance: 1mm
  • Storage medium: bitumen, heavy petroleum
  • Materials: Q235B
  • Tank type: vertical cone roof or dome roof

Tanks list

  1. steel welded vertical cylindrical storage tan: 100 m3 to 50,000m3
  2. Steel vertical cylindrical internal floating roof storage tanks: 100 m3 to 10,000m3
  3. Steel welded spherical storage tanks: 500 to 10,000m3
  4. Steel vertical cylindrical external floating roof storage tanks: 10,000 to 200,000m3
fuel oil storage tank 5
CGB5000 railway transportation oil depot 2