A special designed deodorization device for biodiesel vacuum systems

The utility model relates to a deodorizing device for biodiesel vacuum system, which is used in the field of biodiesel production.
Biodiesel is a clean renewable energy, in its decompression distillation process, high temperature cracking will produce some low carbon aldehydes and ketones and other odor gases, together with some flash evaporation of not stripped of methanol, with a pungent odor, some of which are condensed and collected, and some of them are pumped by the vacuum unit, and mixed with the vacuum water cycle together with the discharge, will cause atmospheric pollution, and the work shop will also have a nasty stench.

The current odor treatment methods are:
1, the odor gas directly into the combustion furnace combustion, for some environmental protection requirements of the region, not allowed to use coal-fired furnace, oil-fired gas furnace are used in imported burners, high degree of automation, the transformation is difficult.
2, the odor gas into the absorption tower, the use of chemical absorbents, neutralization, oxidation, reduction and discharge, due to the complexity of the composition of the oil and grease odor, deodorization treatment effect is not ideal.

In order to solve the above problems of the background technology, the utility model adopts the following technical solutions: a deodorization device for biodiesel vacuum system, characterized in that it includes a vacuum pump (1), a gas-liquid separator (2), an oil-water separator (3), a water pump (4), a cooling tower (5), a gas hood (6), an induced draft fan (7) and an AO effluent treatment tank (8), and a circulating water pool (9), wherein The outlet of the vacuum pump (1) is connected to a gas-liquid separator (2), the gas from the gas-liquid separator (2) is collected by a gas hood (6), and the liquid outlet of this gas-liquid separator (2) is connected to the inlet of the oil-water separator (3); the outlet of the gas hood (6) is connected to the wastewater treatment AO pool (8) through an induced draft fan (7); and the outlet of the separated water from the oil-water separator (3) is fed to the cooling tower (5) through a water pump (4); The cool water tower (5) is connected to a circulation tank (9), and the water in the circulation tank (9) is then returned to the vacuum pump (1) for circulation through a pipe (10). In the preferred embodiment, said gas-liquid separator (3), water pump (4) and cooling tower (5) are provided inside the air hood (6). The gases separated by the gas-liquid separator (2) and the gases after heat exchange by the cooling tower are collected by the gas hood (6), after which they are led to the wastewater treatment tank (8) by means of an induced draft fan (7).
In the preferred embodiment, the water (3) in said oil-water separator is first pumped with a water pump (4) to the cooling tower for cooling and then into the circulating water pool for recycling.

In the preferred embodiment, said sewage treatment tank (8) is an AO sewage treatment tank. The said AO sewage treatment tank is a sewage tank using anoxic, aerobic biochemical treatment method, which can convert large molecules, difficult to degrade organic matter into small molecules of organic matter first, and then further purification. When in use, the odor gas and circulating water into the vacuum pump (1) mixed and discharged into the gas-liquid separator (2), the gas into the hood (6), the liquid into the oil-water separator for oil-water separation, which separates the water with a pump (4) into the cool water tower (5) cooling, cooling at the same time also diffuse the odor gases in the water, the cooled water into the circulating pool of recycling, the odor gas in the hood by the The odor gas in the hood is guided by induced draft fan (7) into the sewage treatment AO pool (8) for microbial digestion, and discharged after reaching the standard.

Compared with the existing technology, the advantages of this utility model are as follows:
1、Odor gas is absorbed by mixing with water and then oil-water separation, after removing water-soluble and oily matter, volatile gas is introduced into the sewage treatment pool for biodegradation, and the treatment is thorough.
2、Gas-liquid separator, water pump and cooling tower are all set up inside the air cover (6), all volatile gases are collected by the air cover, avoiding the odor in the workshop.
3, the utility model is reasonably designed, simple structure, distillation deodorization in a combined tower, both energy saving and emission reduction; gas odor through the sewage treatment AO pool (8) in the micro-organisms and deodorization. The combination of distillation process and sewage treatment process not only saves cost, but also reduces the pollution to the environment and achieves the purpose of removing the odor.

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