Mini Fractional Distillation Column for base oil and diesel distillation

This Fractional Distillation column is desgined and developed by our own technology.

Meanwhile, we provided turnkey project construction contract.

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The applicable field:

  • Waste engine oil recycling plant, producing base oil and diesel

  • Fuel oil / Heavy oil / light crude oil fractional distillation refinery, producing gasoline and diesel

  • Biodiesel distillation refinery, producing high purity (99%) products

Structure of distillation column

1st section: fractional section

2nd section: rectifying section

3rd section: stripping section

4th section: Base

Specifiation of end products

Side cut 1: light fraction

Side cut 2: middle fraction

Bottom residue: heavy fraction

The key operation of producing high quality oil, is the control of reflux ratio, mass transfer rate and temperature.

  1. The stripping section and rectifying section is to filter the impurities and absorb the color, with high efficiency packing and proper tower internals. The filter effect is 150% as that of clay filtering process.

  2. When raw oil comes into the stripping section, it will break the balance of gas and liquid. More light fractions will go out from heavy fraction.

  3. When raw oil rise to the rectifying section, the oil will be purified by high efficiency packing and tower internals.

  4. When light fraction meets the back-flow middle fractions, the back-flow middle fraction works as an absorbent, it would absorb the impurities and color from the light fraction. Meanwhile, the light fraction will break the balance of middle fraction, so that more purified light fraction will go out from middle fraction.

Used in biodiesel fractional distillation, producing ASTM B100 automotive Bio diesel and light Biodiesel.

Used in Heavy fuel oil fractional distillation plant, producing diesel

Used in Waste engine oil distillation plantproducing base oil and diesel

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