Henan Barui Company Profile

Main business of Henan Barui Company is on equipment manufacture and technology development of these following area, Used Tires & Waste Plastics Recycling Industry, Waste Oil Recycling & Refining Industry, New Energy Bio-diesel Refinery Equipment, Petroleum Refinery Equipment, and Special Equipment Customization.

Company Brief Introduction

Henan Barui Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive group of companies, integrating with technology development, industry equipment design, machine manufacture, equipment sales, engineering construction service. The land areas are about 23 hectares, with production department, marketing department, technical department, administrative department, financial department, and two branches.
Henan Barui Group is committed to solid waste recycling projects, petroleum energy projects and new energy projects. Currently, the group serves many large-scale energy enterprises in China, and EPC international engineering contracting is the new development strategy of the company. At the same time, the Group cooperates with China University of Geosciences and China Class A Chemical Design Institute to study the development of petroleum energy and new energy, it has achieved several scientific and technological achievements. Among them, the production technology of biodiesel is at the forefront of the world’s technology, featuring a wide range of raw materials and high quality of biodiesel by products. It is one of the few technologies in the world that can produce American and European standard biodiesel from waste oil and grease.
The Group provides one-stop service in the field of solid wastes recycling, petroleum energy and new energy engineering, including process design and modification, equipment design and manufacturing, construction and installation, equipment commissioning and after-sales service. The Group has completed many projects all over the world, such as Shandong, Jiangsu, Henan, Pakistan, Dubai, Serbia, Panama, etc.

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Our Laboratory

Our company pursues the practice is the only standard to test the truth, effectively combining theory and practice, we set up a professional laboratory in accordance with the petrochemical industry standards, the laboratory has more than 20 professional testing tools, raw materials, end products, reaction conditions, such as sufficient experimental analysis, summarization and demonstration. On the basis of the experimental analysis of industrial production technology for continuous innovation and development, always provide customers with cutting-edge technology consulting and upgrading services.

Henan Barui Company laboratory 1
Henan Barui Company laboratory 2

Workshop Introduction

Our company has established strict equipment production and quality inspection procedures in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 quality management system. Our company now has 15,000 square meters of standardized production workshop, workshop lifting equipment, ventilation system, dust removal and other related equipment are available, in addition to 20 * 2500 type plate rolling machine 1, 30 * 3600 type plate rolling machine 1, 20 sets of professional welding machine, automatic welding machine 1, ultrasonic testing equipment 2, pressure testing equipment 2 sets, spraying tools, standardized warehouse 10000 square meters, standing steel plate and other raw materials testing instruments, in addition to a number of other production testing tools. There are professional inspectors in charge of each procedure, such as feeding, warehousing, production, quality inspection, and leaving the factory. The quality of the products is really managed in an all-round way.

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Clients Service

Our company has more than 20 professional engineers. Among them, there are 2 senior engineers and 5 intermediate engineers. In solid waste cracking, waste oil and grease refining and recycling, waste motor oil regeneration, crude oil refining, new energy biodiesel production, etc., we have advanced technical processes, and we take the production efficiency and economic benefits of the process equipment as the purpose of our research, so as to practically safeguard the immediate interests of our customers. In addition, our company has perfect after-sales service points at home, except for the marginal areas, basically can guarantee to reach the customer’s site within 48 hours; in foreign countries, our company took the free trade zone as the landmark in 2017, and set up a specialized foreign trade team, to provide foreign customers with more convenience and preferences. Since the establishment of the foreign trade department, it has successfully served nearly 100 enterprises and more than 50 countries. In addition, the company has specialized service outlets in Southeast Asia, Zimbabwe, Russia and other places.

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Company Organization Structure

Our company’s job responsibilities are clear and well-defined. There are five departments in the head office, and the director and manager of each department are responsible for the day-to-day conduct of various businesses and report to the president on a regular basis. Each department is not only specialized in its duties, but also holds regular vocational skills training to continuously improve the vocational skills of its employees. In terms of equipment quality, equipment operation experience, manufacturing and production technology, etc., relying on the refined management mode, and constantly find problems, solve problems and summarize experience. After decades of efforts, our company has accumulated a lot of practical experience in equipment manufacturing, equipment commissioning, project turnkey construction, and constantly break through one after another industry problems and technical barriers.

In addition, for each specific implementation of customer projects, our company arranged a project manager and a quality control engineer as the main person in charge, other department managers cooperate with them. The project manager and quality control engineer make reports the director regularly. Through the refined project management organization, we ensure that each customer can get perfect service, reliable technical guarantee and reliable equipment.

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